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Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to attract genuine potential customers to buy your products and services. These supplement the company’s SEO initiatives. Our experienced, proficient and committed team will help you carry out your Pay-per-click campaigns very effectively. We take care of all aspect of such campaigns like paid search advertising, PPC remarketing and video advertising. We come up with the choice of keywords that matches best with the products you sell. We choose words that generate high search volumes and yet are not too common either. We help you to design catchy advertisements to draw visitors easily. We manage all these features within a very modest budget on your part.

Paid Search Advertising

Businesses like you are sure to welcome any support to get more visitors to your site, without investing a big sum of money. Our digital team is well placed to serve you and help you earn a positive? ROI through the Paid Search Advertising (PSA). We can help you work out how much to spend to achieve optimum results by developing well-targeted messages. We monitor the PPC process and find out the keywords frequently used by the target audience. We also identify the most used search engines and the costs of marketing with them. All these steps would help you to achieve the best results for every penny you spend on PSA.

PPC Remarketing

There are times when potential customers visit your website and show initial interest in your products. But they drop out midway before completing the buying or ordering process. You need not lose heart. It is possible to get them interested again in the buying process or get their feedback on why they dropped out. Our PPC re-marketing service supports you to follow up such visitors and convert them into actual customers. Our dedicated team helps you to re-engage such customers through well designed and specific advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Given the growing power and influence of social media networks, any modern business enterprise would like to tap the full potential of this avenue for business growth. Our social media advertising team is always ready to develop an appropriate advertising strategy in addition to provide key performance indicators and regular target oriented measures. We have developed tools to determine social groups and locate clusters and individual who normally watch your ads on their social networks.

We provide a total solution that involves managing of customer accounts on a regular basis, and study bid prices. We then suggest a realistic and affordable budget that would serve the best interests of your business and achieve maximum ROI.
As a specialized service company, we are always aware of the specific and varied needs of businesses. Hence we believe in offering customized support and solutions. We work with you step by step all through the process to ensure commendable results.